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When traveling to a different country, whether for business or pleasure, people are practically required to do one thing: sample the local food.  Going to a foreign land just to eat at McDonald's or in a similar international fast-food chain would be a waste of opportunity.  When possible, one should soak up as much of the local culture as possible.  Who knows, but that next meal that you take could end up being your lifetime favorite!

It is wise, however, to know about the type of food that you will be eating even before you travel.  When taking a South India Tour Package, it would be good to remember that one word will be sufficient to describe most of the local food: spicy!  Among the most used ingredients in their cuisine would be dried red chillies, fresh green chillies, and coconuts.  Rice is a staple in most areas of South India, and most of the courses served with rice would be flavored with gravy.  One would notice certain differences in the food when hopping from between the different South India Tourist Places, and these differences can be identified based on the state that the food originates from.

Andhra cuisine – this is the food that one can find in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and it is also identified to be the spiciest food of South India.  Although the food is generally vegetable based, its preparation involves a lot of chilli powder, oil and tamarind.  If South India tourism brings you to Hyderabad, the capital of the state, you might notice that the food would be a bit spicier.  According to historians, the ancient royalty of Andhra patronized the local cuisine, but preferred more spice on their food.  This preference has shaped the tastebuds of the locals today.

Karnataka cuisine – If there are people who prefer spice, there would be those who do not.  Among the people in South India, those in Karnataka prefer to have less spices and more of other ingredients.  The local recipes in Karnataka call for a lot of Jaggery (can juice without the separation of the molasses and the crystals) and palm sugar.  The food is also dominated by vegetables as this state holds a higher number of vegetarians as compared to the other states in South India.

Kerala cuisine – the population of Kerala is the most diverse among the four South India states, and this makes for a diverse culinary experience when sampling their food.  Since Kerala holds the highest number of Christians and Muslims, the state has more than its fair share of non-vegetarian food.  The spices are liberally used here, but the main ingredient in most dishes would be coconut, since this is the main produce of the state.

Tamil cuisine – the state of Tamil Nadu is famous for its hospitality, which is why South India Tourism is especially strong in these parts.  This also holds true with the way they prepare and present their food.  It is a common belief of the Tamils that serving food to others is equivalent of serving the whole of humanity.  This is common in a lot of areas of India, but Tamil Nadu is set apart by the elaborate cooking.  It also uses legumes in most dishes.

The main ingredients would allow you to know ahead which areas you may want to avoid when putting together your South India Tour Package.  If you don't really like hot food, it would be safe to consider everything to be spicy.  Don't let that stop you though, as the spices are also known to contribute to good health and appetite for all those who are used to the taste.

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Dining in South India

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This article was published on 2011/12/21