Holidays in Peru, South America

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Peru is situated on the Western side of South American continent; it faces South Pacific Ocean in the west and maintains a pleasant topical climate. Peru is boarded by countries of immense stature in South America, including Colombia and Ecuador to the North, while Brazil and Bolivia are located towards the east.  The "Andes Mountains" can also be visited while in Peru.

The capital city of Peru, "Lima" is known for the outstanding night life and vibrant culture. Peru is fully laced with one after another attraction, its most profound being the diversity and variety that can feed all interests, giving something for everyone. The attractions of Peru are all types, historic, architectural, natural and cosmopolitan such as the archaeological patrimony of pre-Columbian cultures and the center of Inca's Empire, their rich flavors of South American Cuisines, their marvelous colonial constructions and the abundance in natural resources, wild life and varying landscapes –all in one place Peru.


Another attraction of Peru that we can call "the most important", of all is the wide price range and easy availability of flights and accommodation. Holidays in Peru can be luxurious, mediocre or jolly good as for a backpacker or student.


On an average we can term that holidays in Peru and much cheaper than many other destinations while far more rewarding. Cheap flights to Peru fly nearly daily form Americas and London, UK. Also, cheap air fares to Lima, the capital of Peru are most oft advertised nearly with all top airlines flying from or to Europe.


The people in Peru are friendly, welcoming, peaceful and helpful on a general basis.

However, the only thing you may fear from is that it's"no English" zone, hence having a Translator is the best you should do. Also, the other thing is, remember you are on a holiday so need not to be panicking about being "there" at sharp. Actually, in Peru the queue system is normally not very regulated, you will come across people jumping the queue however avoid starting arguments and just be more patients for your turn will come. It does not matter if a person or two later, but what matters is keeping up the good mood.


The capital city of Lima has an international airport known as "the Jorge Chavez International Airport". Flights from nearly all over the world arrive and depart from here. The airlines you should check in order to get cheap flights to Lima are American Airlines, Delta Airline, Lan Air, Iberia Airways and Continental Airline while flying from Europe or UK.


Notable attractions, where your camera should stay attentive include Machu Picchu, Plaza de Armas de Lima, The Humming Bird Nazca Area, Inca walls at Sacsayhuamánm, La Alpaca. Huayllay National Sanctuary and Ferrocarril Central. Also, visits to Chan Chan, Lake Titicaca, Chavín de Haunter, Nazca lines sites, Huascaran National Park, Manu National Park, Paracas National Reservation and Río Abiseo National Park are a must to see the entirety of Peru as a holiday destination.

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Holidays in Peru, South America

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This article was published on 2010/10/05